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At Adam Bellinger Tree Care the art of tree reduction and re-shaping is far more than just cutting branches to make something smaller. It’s a passion and an art form that has taken me and my team many years to master. Each tree is as special as the next and we prefer to see it as tree sculpting to find the right size for tree, environment and customer’s needs.

We take a great deal of time and care on the removal of any trees that need to be felled. When in tight or awkward spaces we specialise in the sectional dismantling of trees. This is the practice of using the tree itself to lower every section to the ground and so removing the risk of damage your buildings, sheds, greenhouses, lawns or any other hazards underneath the tree

From a single small hedge or shrub to a large row of conifers, we will take great care and pride in making the end result clean and tidy. This is always done to your desired height, creating a straight line at the top or a rounded more natural affect. All sides of the hedge are trimmed and pruned to create a nice neat and tidy looking hedge.

Once trees have been felled within the urban environment it is usually necessary to remove the remaining tree stump and this requires specialist machinery and trained staff. Adam Bellinger Tree Care has a wide variety of stump grinding machines that can work on any site and on any ground conditions. When done properly this will mean no remains of the tree will re-grow and you will be left with the space for your next creation.

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